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Curriculum Vitae

2018 Lead character in the Kirka – Hetki Lyö musical by Suomen Musiikkiteatteri (coming fall 2018)
2018 Role as Cisse Häkkinen in the Ganes Musical by Suomen Musiikkiteatteri
2017 Release of the debut solo albums VALO & VARJO
2017 Co-Lead role of Pauli in Raparperitaivas -musical in Tampere. Director: Petri Lairikko
2017 Lead role of Rauli Badding Somerjoki in Valkeakoski summer theatre in musica l play "Badding Paratiisi". Producer, writer, director: Otto Kanerva
2016 Shared lead role in Boheemi Rhapsodia musical. Producer, writer and director: Heini Kivimäki-Hietanen
2016 The first singles from the forthcoming solo albums: Hetki lyö (Beat The Clock) and Ilmassa (In the Air), which stayd for 5 weeks on the PopTop10 list of radio Suomi Pop.
2016 Ilari’s own show “Back From The Future Of Rock” at Helsinki Casino
Production, script, directing, arrangement: Ilari Hämäläinen
2016 Successful participation as the favorite of audience in The Voice Of Finland TV program, which lead to semifinals and earning the title of „Most Luminary Artist of the Year“
2015 Joining the band OD (Frontier Records) -> 2016
2015 Role of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar musical’s concert version at Helsinki Temppeliaukio Church
2015 Soloist in Metropolia Orchestra’s concert “Gravius, Altius, Fortius”
2013-> Solo album and Siberian Jay related composition work and pre productions and several auditions and performances in Finland and abroad
2013 Role of Sakke Järvenpää in „Kuka Mitä Häh“ musical, Sibelius Hall. Director: Jalle Niemelä
2013 Participating UMK-contest (a concept for the Finnish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest) with the song “Sytytä Mut Vaan” (Give Me What You Got) – Published in Fried Music‘s UMK 2013 collection album.
2013 Participating The Voice Of Finland –contents with the song “Ensi Kertaa”
2012-> Studies of singing pedagogics at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
2012 Joining the band Rock And Roll Sensation
2012 Role of Benjamin Goffin III:n in Rent musical, director Marko Bjurström, Aleksanteri Theatre
2012 Siberian Jay: The album of the week at radio NRJ
2012 Vocalist, songwriter, producer and record company in Siberian Jay band
2011 Mixed dubbing work at SDI Media continuing 2012 ->
2011 New York tour of Naked, May and June
2011 Recording and partial production of Kengurumeininki’s album "Boing Boing
2009-10 Recording Naked’s album "Double Down"
2009 Recording Katri Ylander‘s album "Valvojat"
2009 Music video "Girl In Uniform" by Pete Parkkonen
2008 Sonera commercial with Pete Parkkonen band
2008 Recording and also producing the Kengurumeininki‘s album "Koko Rahalla" by Kengurumeininki
2008 Band leader for Pete Parkkonen
2007 Role of Kuivis: Ganes movie. Dir. JP Siili
2007 Role of Glam rocker Jimi: Pelkkää Lihaa TV serie. Dir. Lauri Nurkse
2007 Recording Naked‘s "Superstate" album
2007 Recording Katri Ylander‘s "Kaikki Nämä Sanat" album
2007 Establishment of Rental Gig Bus company Boogie Line
2007 Composition work: Kalevala Soikoon additional parts for Kotkan Kaupunginteatteri (Kotka City Theatre)
2006 Composition work: Kalevala Soikoon (musical) Kangasniemi Theatre Ilona
2005 Band leader for Katri Ylander
2004 In choir and actor: Miss Saigon - HKT
2004 Joining the band Naked
2004 Zero Forty commercial "Talk Is Cheap"
2003 Semifinal of Idols (lost to the winner Hanna Pakarinen in the audience votes)
2003 Role of Woof: Hair – Uusi Iloinen Teatteri UIT
2003 Composition work: Korpiprofeetta (musical) Kangasniemi Theatre Ilona
2003 Recording and producing the Kengurumeininki‘s album "Kesä"
2003 In orchestra: Tuhkimo - Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri
2003 Band-leader for Jonna (nee Pirinen, ex-Gimmel)
2002 Role of Johnny Casino: Grease - HKT
2002 In orchestra and also actor-singer: Porvari Aatelismiehenä - HKT
2001 Recording the Kengurumeininki‘s album "Linnunradan Sankarit"
2001 In orchestra: Vaahteramäen Eemeli (Emil of Lönneberga)
2001 Role of violinist: Movie Kymmenen Riivinrautaa. Dir. Ere Kokkonen
2001 Composition work: Isoveli Valvoo (musical) Helsinki Pop &Jazz Conservatory
2000 In orchestra: Cabaret - HKT
1999 In orchestra: Les Miserables - Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri HKT (Helsinki City Theatre)
1998 Recording Kengurumeininki‘s album "Pom-Pom-Pomppimaan"
1998 Joining the kid’s band Kengurumeininki -> Kenguruveturi TV serie at TV1
1997 Pro Musica Medal from high school
1997 Conductor at 10 years anniversary gala of Theatre Pieni Suomi
 1997  Composition work: Morgana (musical) Sibelius High School - Theatre Pieni Suomi
Director Mikko Lammi, script Turo Vartiainen, I.H. & M. Lammi Ensemble: flute, oboe, clar in Bb and in Eb, 2 corno, trumpet, alto sax, (6) 1. violin, (4) 2 violin, 2 viola, 2 cello, 2 guit, 2 keyboards, bass, drums, vocalist and choir

Role of Freddie Mercury on Riders On The Storm musical. Production: Sibelius High School. Recording: FST (Finland’s Swedish Television).



Down In The Walley one-act opera (dancer and singer)


Composition work for Seitakallio Sibelius High School Symphony Orchestra
Ensemble: flute, oboe, clar in Bb, 2 corno, 2 trumpet, 2 trombone, triangle, timpani, piatti, hand cymbals, castanets, 1 vl, 2 vl, violas, cellos, double basses, + drum set & el.bass


Composition work: Jazz service together with Turo Vartiainen to Helsinki Cathedral for Church Youth Days, containing the songs Rukous, Herra Armahda, Kunnia, Ylistys, Corona, Ehtoollisvuorolaulu, Pyhä, Walking Priest, Eucharist, Samarian Nights (jazz quintet) and Spirit Of The Great Plains. Ensemble: jazz quintet + gran cassa, perc, 6vl, 2vla, 2 cello, double bass, mixed choir, women‘s choir, tin whistle, mandolin, Irish drum

1996 Certificate from Pop&Jazz Conservatory Music School.
Studies were continued at Helsinki Polytechnic heading towards the degree of pop/jazz music record producer, but were interrupted on 2004.
1994-2004 Studies of theory of pop/jazz music, history, music physics and technology.
Studies of free accompaniment of piano, electric- and double bass and several music analysis, transcription, theory and ear training subjects at Pop/Jazz Conservatory

Studies of music history, composing/arrangement and sound engineering of western art music and Afro-American music.

Studies of ensemble playing, bass playing, piano accompaniment and singing at Sibelius High School.


Pro Musica Medal from comprehensive school

1983- 94

Basic studies in music theory, history and violin. Basic Education Certificate from Vantaa Music Institute. Viola as the main instrument during the last term.